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Global Sight Team

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Founder, Global Sight Alliance and Mission Eyes Network          
Niles MI United States
Dr. Stan Pletcher started the Mission Eyes Network in 2006 in response to the need for better networking and information sharing for improving mission ophthalmology efforts.  In 2009, in collaboration with Dr. David Chang, Mission Eyes Network was transformed into the Global Sight Alliance. He started the MSICS Classroom site and Yo2Go to provide additional resources for learning MSICS and to provide residents, fellows and young ophthalmologists a resource for becoming involved internationally.
He has practiced general ophthalmology with an emphasis in oculoplastics at Great Lakes Eye Care in St. Joseph, MI since 1997.  Prior to this he practiced in both Kentucky and Alaska.  He trained at Indiana University finishing in 1994.

Dr. Pletcher has been active in international missions starting as a youngster with his father, an oncologist.  Since beginning his medical training, he has traveled to Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador.  He also has spent extended periods living in Papua New Guinea and Dominican Republic.  Dr. Pletcher has been the acting director of the mission's program for the annual meeting of the Christian Ophthalmology Society. Currently he serves as the president of its board of directors.  He also serves on the board for Vision Outreach International.

Besides practice and mission trips, he keeps busy with web site designing and programming. He has been an avid photographer, trumpet and piano player.  His most recent project has involved the development of portable mission products including a light weight high quality teaching operating microscope. He has interests also in developing autologous tissue glue for pterygium removal on the mission field and in developing improved outcome monitoring methods for cataract surgery in mission settings.

Dr. Pletcher, his wife, Shelley and their four children recently spent two years living in Ecuador where he has been involved in starting an ophthalmology program at a small mission hospital for the eastern Amazon jungle provinces.



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