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Why strategic partnering?

Global Sight Alliance (GSA) is working to build on the strengths of international agencies and networks. Instead of reinventing the wheel, GSA is about connecting doctors, technicians and professionals with existing organizations and efforts.
Due to the potential negativism associated with the word “mission,” GSA is attempting to redefine the method to how we do volunteerism abroad. In addition to excellent surgical outcomes, we desire to be culturally sensitive and relationally beneficial in building on the continual efforts of the local hosts.

For this reason, we have developed a PACE and a PLAN for international vision care.

The PACE of our work includes the following...


  • P rioritizing the cure for preventable blindness world-wide
  • A dvocating for effective international partnerships
  • C onnecting and Collaborating on global eye care outcomes, progress, efforts, and needs.
  • E ducating and Equipping eye care providers with the best techniques, tools, and teaching available.


As you PLAN on getting involved we ask you to consider ...


  • P reparation - through research in language, culture, surgical techniques, medical needs and skill transference.
  • L ength of Connectivity - forming consistent international relationships
  • A ccountability - to government compliance, community concerns, and medical excellence.
  • N etworks and Niche  - using your giftedness to work within existing international frameworks.

The wonderful thing about being strategic is that it lessens the work for all involved and connects mutual efforts for success in areas of need around the world.  GSA is working hard to be a central network for information, education, and interchange.


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