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Advisory Board

The Global Sight Advisory Board is made up of advisors that are involved in roles in many areas of international eye care throughout the world.

Name Position
David Chang, MDDavid Chang, MD Chairman, ASCRS International Foundation Board
Geoff Tabin, MDGeoff Tabin, MD Co-founder, Himalayan Cataract Project
Stanley Pletcher, MDStanley Pletcher, MD Founder, Global Sight Alliance
Hugh Taylor, MDHugh Taylor, MD President, International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)
Dennis Lam, MDDennis Lam, MD Founder, Project Vision
Glenn Strauss, MDGlenn Strauss, MD Chief Medical Officer, HelpMeSee and Senior Consultant, Mercy Ships
Al Sommer, MDAl Sommer, MD Professor, International Health John Hopkins
Victoria SheffieldVictoria Sheffield President, International Eye Foundation
Marty Spencer, MDMarty Spencer, MD Seva Foundation
Rainald Duerksen, MDRainald Duerksen, MD President, IAPB South America
Nag Rao, MDNag Rao, MD Chair, LV Prasad Eye Institute
Richard LeMesurier, MDRichard LeMesurier, MD Medical Director, Fred Hollows Foundation
Rengaraj Venkatesh, MDRengaraj Venkatesh, MD Chief Medical Officer, Aravind - Pondicherry
Kathy SpahnKathy Spahn President/CEO, Helen Keller International

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