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Training Strategies for MSICS on a Global Scale - Webinar - with Glenn Strauss

Keynote Speaker -
Glenn Strauss, MD
Stan Pletcher, M.D.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dr. Strauss has served as an ophthalmologist and medical educator for over 25 years. He began international work in 1986 serving as a consultant for governmental and non-governmental international projects. Since 1997 he has worked to develop innovative techniques to address the problem of cataract blindness in developing nations and in 2005, he began his manual small incision cataract surgery training program. He has personally trained dozens of national and international surgeons in high quality, low cost cataract surgery techniques.


In 2009, he was awarded the highest civilian honor, the National Order of Commander, by the president of Benin for his outstanding humanitarian work in medical education. In 2010, he accepted the position as Chief Medical Officer for Help Me See to develop high tech training tools for developing nation eye surgeons. He continues to work extensively to develop of new projects in the developing world for Help Me See.

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