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High Volume / High Quality Cataract Surgery - webinar

Keynote Speaker -
Matt Oliva, M.D.
Geoff Tabin, M.D.

Wednesday, May 19, 2012

The Himalayan Cataract Project has helped pioneer the delivery of efficient and cost effective cataract surgery in some of the worlds poorest and most remote locations    Dr. Tabin and Dr. Oliva shared their recent experience restoring sight in North Wollo, Ethiopia, which has one of the highest prevalence rates of blindness in the world.  


In May 2012, an expert eye care delivery team from Nepal and America joined forces with local Ethiopian ophthalmologists to restore sight to over 1000 persons.  Over 750 of the cataract operations were on prescreened bilaterally blind patients as part of a large study with the RAND corporation assessing the economic costs of blindness and the positive impacts of cataract surgery.

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