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Diabetic Laser in Catacamas


Not too long ago I wrote here to ask for help with finding a retinal laser for our Honduras Mission Trip. I am thrilled to report that after months of looking for a laser in every part of our hospital (being told that none could leave the state) and even asking Iridex, a perfect laser was graciously donated by Ellex Laser Company. They shipped this small laser overnight and I was able to carry it on board our flights in a modified Heine case. We took it with us at the end of February and were able to mount it on the slit lamp we have in Catacamas. The laser worked great to do focal and PRP treatments for our monocular diabetic patients.  If you have diabetic patients in the areas you go to, I would highly recommend requesting the mission laser from Ellex. I was really impressed with this company's international-minded outlook and readiness to help!

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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